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StrategicPartner, Inc. | South Carolina

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Training and Consulting for C-Suite Executives, Business Owners, Sales Managers, & Sales Professionals.

Why Salespeople Fail... And What You Can Do About It!

September 23rd | 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

If you are a CEO, Business Owner, Sales Manager, Leader, or Sales Executive, join us for an interactive workshop to hear firsthand how we at Sandler Training tackle the same sales problems you deal with every day.

Virtual Sales Bootcamp

Every Tues/Thurs in October from 1-2:30 PM (8 sessions, 4 weeks)

Great sales people aren’t born. They’re trained.

Find your peace of mind

We combine Sandler Training principles with extensive sales and management experience to help business leaders achieve peace of mind.

  • We work with CEOs who want to grow sales revenue and recognize that growth is the end result of a process that starts with the salesforce. We work with business owners who rely on their salesforce to expand the customer base and consistently generate profitable sales.
  • We work with salespeople who strive to close more sales and earn bigger commissions… but whose efforts are a bit too frequently derailed.
  • We work with professionals like attorneys, engineers and accountants who often feel more comfortable delivering their service than they do selling it.
  • We work with customer care professionals who seek to build strong customer relationships, uncover customers' ongoing needs, and maintain customer loyalty.
  • We help teams to reorganize their sales processes around a defined set of activities and specific, measurable benchmarks so they are better able to identify, qualify, and close high-quality opportunities more quickly, profitably, and consistently, even in markets where they have strong competition.

Why choose Sandler Training Greenville? Because the success of our training has been repeatedly proven through delivery to thousands of clients.  Don't believe us? See what our clients say.

Dedicated to Your Success!

Sandler Training by Strategic Partner, Inc.

We are a Columbia-based professional services firm that specializes in leadership and sales force development.  We help companies and individuals increase their effectiveness through training, coaching and consulting.

Unlearn Conventional Selling Behaviors.

Aim high, reach HIGHER with Sandler TrainingGreenville.

Help Your Team Achieve Tangible Success on a Regular Basis by Developing Significant and Lasting Improvements in Sales Systems, Business-Development, and Management Performance.

  • Learn Proven Sales Techniques to Book Appointments with Customers.

    Take the Lead in the Sales Dance.

  • Gain Momentum Ahead of Your Competition.

    Stand Out From the Rest.

  • Learn a Sales Strategy that will Give You Peace of Mind.

    Know "What's Next?"


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