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Learn how to cover the fears both you and the prospect have about the engagement up front.

Learn how to get a prospect comfortable with sharing their biggest fears.

Nick had just been hired and as yet, had not been sent out to the sales training seminars. If it were not for the fact that two of the salespeople called in sick, Nick would never have been on the floor. But there he was, with only the most basic information about the products he was supposed to sell.

Set a process for approaching prospects on level ground so that you can identify problems and their solutions as equals.

Are you effectively setting expectations for your sales calls to make sure you get tangible decisions and next steps? See Bill's role play model.

Taking notes can help you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Legitimate fears should be covered with your prospect up front.

Mike Montague interviews Scott Perry on How to Succeed at Being Creative on Purpose. In this episode learn: What does being creative on purpose mean? Are YOU creative? Four principles to be creative on purpose.

What are the steps to come to a set of agreed-upon terms on a sales call?

What do you think is the average closing percentage for a sales professional?