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Sales Tips & Insights

Sandler sales tips and insights

Prospects Don't Know How to Buy

Leverage a sales process so that your prospects can understand how to buy from you.

People Don't Trust Sales People

Sales people have to establish authenticity so that clients and prospects are willing to discuss their real problems that they hope you can solve.

My Job is to be Silent

Discover techniques for actively listening to clients and prospects so that you can accurately understand the problem they are bringing you.

Be Honest About Fears Up Front

Legitimate fears should be covered with your prospect up front.

Summarize & Validate, Repeat

Take good notes, fix the notes, summarize those notes with the prospect, and then validate their correctness. Then do it again.

Up Front Contract Role Play

Are you effectively setting expectations for your sales calls to make sure you get tangible decisions and next steps? See Bill's role play model.

Video Tactic: Equal Business Stature

Set a process for approaching prospects on level ground so that you can identify problems and their solutions as equals.


Video Tactic: The Prospect's Biggest Fears

Learn how to get a prospect comfortable with sharing their biggest fears.


Video Tactic: Dealing With Everyone's Biggest Fears Up Front

Learn how to cover the fears both you and the prospect have about the engagement up front.


Video Tactic: When You Don't Get the Business

What your next step when you don't get the business?


Video Tactic: When The Art of Joke Telling is Dead

Want to learn more about how bonding can help create equal business stature?

Video Tactic: How Good are Most Sales People?

Want to learn how to rise to the top of the sales profession?

Video Tactic: Disarming Honesty

Are you being honest as a "move" or because it's the truth?

Video Tactic: Demonstrate Comfort With No

Do you view a "no" as a valued outcome of a sales opportunity?

Video Tactic: Up Front Contract

Are your prospects willing and able to have and engage in a meeting with you?

Video Tactic: An Eternity of Silence

Do you have a deep seeded need to fill pauses in the sales conversation?

Video Tactic: Most Prospects are Suspects

If a prospect isn't really a prospect, when would you like to know that?


Video Tactic: The Prospect Should be Willing to Talk

Are you passing or failing at bonding?


Video Tactic: How Are We On Time?

How do you relieve prospects of the fear that you might be wasting their time?


Video Tactic: Up Front Contract is About Truth

Are your prospects agreeing to tell the truth?


Video Tactic: The Salesperson's Biggest Fears

Are you getting your biggest fears about a sales call under control?


Video Tactic: Not Every Prospect is Qualified

If your time is valuable, then prospects need to qualify to use it.


Sales Tip Sandler Rule #7: You Don't Have to Like Prospecting

 Watch as Sandler trainer Bill McCrary explains how to establish a productive mindset for your prospecting activities.