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StrategicPartner, Inc. | South Carolina

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If you are a CEO, Business Owner, Sales Manager, Leader, or Sales Executive, join us for an interactive workshop to hear firsthand how we at Sandler Training tackle the same sales problems you deal with every day.

October 28th | 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Sound familiar?

  • Frustrated from providing quotes, proposals, and bids that don't turn into business?
  • Concerned that too much discounting is affecting your bottom line?
  • Disappointed with longer sales cycles, especially in a pandemic economy?
  • Upset by all the unpaid consulting you've been doing?
  • Feeling defeated by a prospect's buying system that is stronger than your selling system?

Reserve your spot NOW! Seating is extremely limited.

Buyers today are more sophisticated than ever and selling your company's features and benefits just won't cut it. Come see why asking for the sale and using traditional "tried and true" sales tactics is the old school way of selling that delays or dooms modern sales opportunities.

"I'm really impressed by the simplicity and effectiveness of your approach. I had a call scheduled for the day after this seminar and I found a creative way to implement what we reviewed, and it worked!"

This webinar was greatly done I’ve had so much Zoom webinar overload and most do not have good content but this was great, thank you guys!"

Why Salespeople Fail... And What You Can Do About It!

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